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                                Cabinet Painting

Is your kitchen starting to look dated, outdated or just downright worn-out? You’re not alone. Kitchen cabinet painting is one of the most requested services from homeowners with older homes and it's also one of the cost-effective ways for you to update your kitchen!

Exemplary Painting’s team of interior painting specialists can help. Through many years of experience, Exemplary Painting has formulated a kitchen cabinet painting process that guarantees a luxurious finish coupled with superior customer service, creating the stress-free experience you deserve for your home!

Cabinet Painting Services


The kitchen in your home is the quintessential part of what makes the space feel like it’s yours and not just some generic rental. This is where you entertain friends and come together as a family. The color on cabinets isn't something to take lightly because these doors will be seen every day so make them look their best!

Exemplary Painting has been serving homes throughout Littleton for years with professional painting services from kitchen pantry paint jobs to whole-home renovations at competitive prices without sacrificing quality workmanship.


Painting kitchen cabinets is a more complex process requiring attention to detail. If you are short on time or lack patience, it’s better left to us at Exemplary Painting. A half-hearted job will show and the resources used up could be wasted if not done by professionals like we have here on our team! Why take that chance?

If painting walls before has taught you anything about how this task differs from other projects, then think again. This project requires much more consideration for small details because of all the potential complications involved with such an undertaking as well as due diligence being necessary when hiring professional services so why not do it right off the bat while also saving yourself some headache down the road?

Painting cabinets is not for the faint of heart. You will either need to put up tape and plastic or clear out your kitchen while you paint them, which can take days depending on how many coatings you want. With Exemplary Painting we can handle all of the hassle and bring your kitchen back to life.

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