Springtime in Colorado offers many great things including often ideal weather for exterior house painting. In order for your paint job to look its best, the weather needs to cooperate. Did you know how the paint dries is directly related to the temperature and conditions at the time of application? We are typically lucky in Colorado and get a lot of ideal painting days- we are looking for warm, dry days with no precipitation for a few days before we begin and after we wrap up to ensure the paint fully dries and we are not applying to a wet surface. We also try to avoid days with big fluctuations in temperature as this can cause issues with curing and even cracking or peeling. 


1) Repair winter damage early- Colorado winters can really take a toll on your home’s exterior. Paint is designed to protect your home from the elements so if your home’s exterior paint is older, peeling or damaged it may be at risk for water damage or other costly repairs. The sooner you can get to identifying and correcting any issues the better off you’ll be.

2) Exterior painting is best done prior to other outdoor projects- If you are planning on updating or adding to your landscaping it is best to get your home painted first so you don’t have to worry about working around or protecting any new plants or keeping paint off of any new landscaping

3) Moderate temperatures are ideal for exterior paint to cure correctly- Springtime often brings more mild temperatures which allow for the proper curing of the paint. Exterior painting should be done in temperatures above 50 degrees but before it gets too hot. Sometimes the heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly causing flashing and other issues.

4) Get a fresh new look for summer- Add protection, value and curb appeal to your home with exterior house painting. You can stick with your original colors and just freshen up your home or enjoy a complimentary color consultation with our interior designer and go for some bold, new colors.

5) Check this project off your to-do list early and enjoy your summer- your summer should be filled with making memories and enjoying the sunshine! Check exterior house painting off your spring to-do list early and enjoy your summer knowing that your home looks great and is protected from the elements!

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