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Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that you will have the best experience you have ever had when dealing with our painting professionals. We will do anything and everything to make sure you get the best out of your unique popcorn ceiling removal project.

Acoustic & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceilings were once a very popular style. Today, infamous “popcorn ceilings” are considered outdated and unsightly. If you're sick of your home's popcorn ceiling, call your local Exemplary Painting for acoustic ceiling removal!


Popcorn removal can be a messy and dirty job. Exemplary Painting knows how to remove it quickly and efficiently, leaving no mess for you after the project is completed. No need to hire two different companies when one company can handle the entire process of popcorn removal from start-to-finish!


Removing an acoustic ceiling is not just a matter of tearing down the old, but it can also be about adding new ceilings to your home. The Exemplary Painting crew does both! Expert popcorn ceiling removal services are performed by trained professionals whereas DIY tutorials may leave something for you and your family to clean up later on or worse yet: messy results.

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